About Us

Welcome to The Nonstop Entrepreneur – your one-stop destination for entrepreneurial success in both the digital and product based environments. Founded by best-selling author Craig Richwine, our mission is to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and build thriving businesses.

With the international best-selling book, The Nonstop Entrepreneur, we believe that anyone with the right mindset, habits, and tactics can become a successful entrepreneur. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to excel in the ever-changing digital landscape. Through our expertly crafted eBook, The Nonstop Entrepreneur’s Business Series, and our Online Solutions Academy (OSA, still under construction), we offer a comprehensive roadmap to help you unleash your full potential and unlock your business empire.

The Nonstop Entrepreneur’s mission is to help guide you to a better life. But our end game is really to show you how to help others get there also. So the world becomes filled with talent that excels, risk-takers and you see the success first hand through the achievements of others that you helped to scale the mountain.

Meet the Founder

Craig Richwine, the best-selling author of The Nonstop Entrepreneur and accomplished businessman, has built and sold multiple successful companies over the last 30+ years. With his vast experience and commitment to helping others succeed, Craig has shifted his focus to the digital world, founding The Nonstop Entrepreneur (TNE), Online Solutions Academy (OSA) and co-authoring The Nonstop Entrepreneur’s Business Series eBook.


An avid skier and golfer, Craig’s passion for adventure and pushing boundaries translates seamlessly into his entrepreneurial ventures. From founding Champion Manufacturing USA, Inc. and HeadGear Technologies, to investing in and producing the reality TV show Ship Happens, Craig’s entrepreneurial background is solid, and he is eager to share his insights and expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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